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Membership Organizations

Names of Air Force-oriented organizations will only be used when the full name, retired grade, and correspondence address is given for a point of contact. Request for publication of membership notices on this page will only be accepted by email (afpc.retiree@randolph.af.mil) and must include at least the name, military affiliation, and address of the submitter. Email addresses and phone numbers may also be given. Please, no acronyms.  Organizations are responsible for ensuring all information is current.   Please send updates to the email address above.

The Air Force Communicators and Air Traffic Controllers Association was established in 1977. Its non-profit association is comprised of about 2,000 members (communicators, data automation, information/cyber, space operations, air traffic controllers, air field managers, maintenance, engineering and installation and related support personnel) who have served or are serving in any communications or air traffic control unit. This includes those who served in the U.S. Army Air Corps or hold or held a communications, data automation, information/cyber, air traffic control, maintenance, engineering and installation or related support skill set. People interested in joining the association can visit the website at www.afcommatc.org, or email the director of membership, Walt McLain, at aacsmbrship@comcast.net. (PD 130625)

The Association of Former OSI Special Agents is a nonprofit organization for maintaining and furthering friendships emanating from service or employment by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations; to perpetuate the ideals and principles of AFOSI; to facilitate contact with members on a worldwide basis; and to assist one other through combined efforts and mutual assistance. Membership is open to anyone who is serving or has served in AFOSI whether as a special agent or member of the support team. Contact AFOSISA through its website at www.afosisa.org or by email at afosisa@aol.com.  (PD 110614)

Air Force Public Affairs Alumni Association is a nonprofit professional and veterans service organization. Membership is open to anyone, including National Guard and Air Force Reserve, who has ever worked in public affairs, broadcasting service, band, or multimedia career fields, or one of their predecessors. Additional information can be obtained by writing to: Air Force Public Affairs Alumni Association, P.O. Box 447, Locust Grove VA 22508-0477, or visit the Web site at www.afpaaa.org. (PD 061108)

The Air Force Recruiting Alumni Association is entering its fourth year and is open to all former Air Force Recruiting Service members, whether they served as a civilian employee, a production recruiter or in a support position. Contact AFRAA through its Web site at www.usafraa.org.

Air Weather Association is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization made up of former and current U.S. Air Force/U.S. Army Air Forces weather personnel. Active-duty, military or civilian veterans, or their surviving spouses can write to J. Kevin Lavin, AWA chairman, at 1697 Capri Way, Charlottesville VA 22911-3534; email AirWeaAssn@aol.com; or visit www.airweaassn.org/ for a membership application and the latest AWA information including reunions. (PD 061108) 

The Alamo Chapter of the Professional Loadmaster Association is looking for all loadmasters living in the San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and south Texas area who would like to join the association and Alamo chapter. The association is open to all current and former (active duty, retired, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, civilian or international) aircraft loadmasters who have flown and performed aircrew duties on transport aircraft. For more information on the association, go to www.loadmasters.com and click on "Chapters" then click on "Alamo." The Alamo Chapter holds its monthly meeting on the first Saturday of every month at 11 a.m. at Estela's Mexican Restaurant, 2200 West Martin, in San Antonio. If you have any questions about the association or the Alamo chapter, contact Andy Vaquera at 210-679-8674 or email andyvaquera@sbcglobal.net. (PD 070710)

B-52 Stratofortress Association is open to anyone with an interest in preserving the history of the aircraft and association with those who have contributed to it. Contact the association at B-52 Stratofortress Association, P.O. Box 340501, Beavercreek, OH 45434-0501. (PD 061108)

Individuals who were assigned to the 2955th Combat Logistics Support Squadron located at Robins AFB, Ga., from 1967 until 1992 are asked to contact David Blitch at (478) 222-1280, or email David.Blitch@robins.af.mil. (PD 061608)

There is an ongoing effort to identify, locate and re-connect those veterans of the U. S. Air Force Security Service who served in Misawa, Japan, from 1949 through 1979. All those who worked on the "Hill" from the 292s to 202s to 203s to 702s to SPs, administration, maintenance and computers are encouraged to visit to the Web-site at www.usafssmisawa.com. There are 3,060 names of those accounted for in the Locator and Fallen Eagle sections of the site. Contact Helen Henderson at etaya49@hotmail.com or call her at (904) 829-9235 for more information about the project and to be included in this reunion and historic research project. All 1st RSM and 6920th ESC people can find out about the projects under way for their units. Surviving spouses and children of veterans are also welcome. (PD 061108)

The Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States was formally organized in 1972 with the goal of increasing the voice of enlisted persons in the National Guard. As such, EANGUS is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the status, welfare and professionalism of enlisted members of the National Guard by supporting legislation that provides adequate staffing, pay, benefits, entitlements, equipment and installations for the National Guard. For more information, the organization's Web site can be found at http://www.memberconnections.com/eangus/. (PD 011708)

People who served with the USAF 47th Bomb Wing or any support organization at RAF Sculthorpe and/or RAF Alconbury in England, 1952 to 1962, are invited to join a the 47th Bomb Wing Association, Ltd., a nonprofit organization of former members. For more information, send email to Carty Lawson at crlawson16@yahoo.com. (PD 040710)