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AAFES delivers retirement package to those who 'Still Serve'

DALLAS (AFRNS) -- Retirement has its benefits for former Airmen who shop their exchange during the Army and Air Force Exchange Service's annual "Still Serving" weekend, Sept. 28 to 30.

This year, AAFES is inviting more than 1.5 million Army and Air Force retirees to visit base and post exchanges for special savings, prizes and events.

Invitations, in the form of a 24-page mailer, are already hitting military retiree's mailboxes. Overflowing with select offers and coupons, as well as an opportunity to win one of more than a dozen prizes, the 2007 "Still Serving" mailer is twice the size of last year's 12-page edition. Inside, military retirees will find exclusive savings on gas, coffee, jewelry, electronics, footwear, eyewear, flowers, hardware, clothing and even a new set of tires. "Still Serving" savings are not limited to local "brick and mortar" exchanges. In fact, Exchange Online Store and catalog offers have been incorporated into nearly half of the 2007 "Still Serving" booklet.

At 36 percent, retirees represent the largest portion of the exchanges' authorized households. "Still Serving" is an annual effort to attract and retain loyal shoppers who continue to directly impact active-duty families' day-to-day lives.

"Retiree patronage directly affects AAFES' ability to fulfill its dual mission to provide quality goods and services at competitively low prices and generate earnings to support morale, welfare and recreation programs," said Richard Sheff, AAFES' chief marketing officer. "Whether or not authorized patrons choose to shop the exchange goes beyond dollars and cents; it is a quality-of-life issue for the entire military community. Without retiree support, AAFES wouldn't have been able to return an average (fiscal year) '06 per capita dividend of $229 for every Soldier and Airman, in addition to the shared earnings paid to the Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps."

Authorized exchange customers can learn more about activities planned for the weekend of Sept. 28 at their specific exchange by calling their local store manager. Contact information can be found online at www.aafes.com by clicking on the "store locator" link. (Courtesy of AAFES)