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Dining facilities open to retirees for special event

SAN ANTONIO (AFRNS) -- In commemoration of the Air Force's 60th anniversary, the director of Services is encouraging all major command and installation commanders to allow retirees to use dining facilities Sept. 18.

Allowing retirees to use dining facilities on this day not only gives them a chance to relive their past, but to share that past with today's Airmen.

"This opportunity will provide another forum for our retirees to share their tremendous 'Heritage to Horizon' experiences and wealth of knowledge with out current, and future, enlisted Air Force leaders," wrote Arthur Myers in his memorandum to commanders.

"Heritage to Horizon" is a strong message in the Air Force Vision document, "Lasting Heritage...Limitless Horizons: A Warfighter's Vision." The document steers the Air Force's future course by stressing that Airmen should continue living up to their rich heritage while pushing the Air Force toward an even better horizon.

Whether or not an installation's dining facility is open to retirees on the anniversary date will depend upon local mission requirements. People should check with their local retiree activities office or dining facility for more information dining opportunities, meal times and surcharge costs.