Foreign Government Employment

Foreign Government Employment (FGE) is any civil employment with a foreign government agency or instrumentality of the foreign government whether or not compensation is received. 

Review DAFI 36-2913, Request for Approval of Foreign Government Employment of the Department of the Air Force Members, for more information on Foreign Government Employment.

The processing timeline for foreign government employment applications can take up to 18 months.

Required documentation:

Foreign Government Employment Questionnaire 

Request for FGE Memo

SF 312, Nondisclosure Agreement

Application Notice and Consent

Employment Contract

JA opine


Foreign Government Website Overview

Post-Government Employment Trifold

DAFI 36-2913 Request for Approval of Foreign Government Employment

Foreign Government Employment Emoluments White Paper


Frequently Asked Questions:

 Q1: Who should apply for Foreign Government Employment (FGE) approval?

        A1: Any prior member of the Department of the Air Force seeking employment from a foreign government or entity.

Q2: What if I don’t know if my employment is considered FGE?

        A2: Contact the Judge Advocate office and present your offer of employment to the Legal Ethics representative for an opine.        

Q3: I am going to retire soon and want to work in Qatar as an instructor pilot? Can I apply now?

        A3: No, you must be in a retired status before applying.

Q4: Can I accept a FGE salary while I am on transition leave and awaiting separation?

        A:4 No, you may not accept any FGE while on active duty.

Q5:  I am not going to work for a foreign government but have been requested to speak at an event.  Do I need to apply?

        A5: Yes, the approval authority is the Service Secretary; however, this approval processing time is shorter.

Q6:  I am already employed by a foreign government, but I didn’t know about the FGE process.  Do I apply?

        A6: Yes, apply as soon as possible. The approval date is not retroactive.

Q7:  How long does the process take? 

        A7: Processing times vary but can take up to 12-18 months.      

 Q8: I received my approval, when does it expire?

        A8: Approvals are for three years from the date of approval or upon change in terms of employment, whichever comes first.

Q9: I received a notice of renewal from AFPC Retiree Services. What does this mean?

        A9: You must resubmit for approval IAW DAFI 36-2913 requirements prior to the expiration of your initial approval.  If you resubmit per the DAFI guidelines, you will be allowed to continue working providing the terms of employment have not changed.  

Q10: I am confused and need to talk to someone about submitting my application.  Can I call someone?

        A10: Contact the FGE Program Manager at Retiree Services: 210-565-4725.