Space-Available Travel

The best resource for space-available travel information is to contact the nearest military passenger terminal. The terminal staff will have the most current information.

If you plan to use space-available travel, contact the passenger terminal where you plan to depart from for current flight information and assistance. You can also contact the passenger terminals you will be using along your travel route.

Visit the Air Mobility Command's travel website for more information.

Priority Space-Available Travel

The National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal 2008 now grants priority round-trip space-available transportation for health care reasons to military retirees in U.S. commonwealths and possessions.

Airmen receiving retired pay and living in a commonwealth or possession of the United States will be provided space-available transportation in a Category IV status in order to obtain certain health-care services.

The retired Airmen must be referred in writing by a local military or civilian primary care provider to receive specialty care services outside of the commonwealth or possession.

Retired Airmen may be accompanied by a dependent, if required, as determined by the primary care provider and stated in the referral for medical services.