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Address Change Procedures

NOTE TO RETIREES AND ANNUITANTS:  Please DO NOT send change of address information to the Retiree Services Section at the Air Force Personnel Center.  The Defense Finance and Accounting Service is the agency responsible for maintaining and changing correspondence addresses for retired members and recipients of Survivor Benefit Plan annuities who may receive correspondence (including the Afterburner, News for USAF Retired Personnel) from official Air Force agencies.

Individuals with Internet Access

People with myPay accounts may change their address on the internet by going to https://mypay.dfas.mil/mypay.aspx, entering their personal identification number and then changing their correspondence address.  Because there are other changes that can be made electronically, retired members and annuitants are encouraged to go this route.  Those people without a personal identification number, or PIN, should use the same website and request a PIN which will be sent through the mail.

Those people who subscribe electronically to the Afterburner can change their email address by sending their old and new email addresses to afpc.retiree@us.af.mil.  People should also remember to change their email address, if necessary, with the DFAS using their myPay account.


Individuals without Internet Access


Retirees receiving, or entitled to receive, retired pay, including retirees whose pay (part or all) comes from Veterans Affairs or from Civil Service (because of combined federal service), should send their change of address to:


US Military Retirement Pay
PO Box 7130
London KY 40742-7130


This may also be accomplished by calling toll free 800-321-1080 or commercial 216-522-5534.  The fax number is 800-469-6559.  Include a Social Security number and signature when mailing or faxing a request.


Those surviving spouses who are receiving, or entitled to receive, the SBP/Retired Serviceman's Family Protection Plan annuity (this includes surviving spouses of retirees who were enrolled in SBP but who are receiving Dependency and Indemnity Compensation in lieu of the SBP) must send a change of address to:


US Military Annuitant Pay
PO Box 7131
London KY 40742-7131


The toll-free phone number is 800-321-1080 or commercial 216-522-5534.  The fax number is 800-982-8459.  If mailing or faxing, include your and the deceased sponsor's Social Security number and sign the request.


Non-SBP/RSFPP annuitants who are registered to receive the Afterburner, News for USAF Retired Personnel (but who may or may not be receiving DIC from the VA), mail the new address and include the sponsor’s retired grade and SSN to:


550 C Street West
JBSA-Randolph TX 78150-4713



HQ AFPC/DPFFF is not staffed to handle changes of address by phone.


Other Agencies to Contact


There may be other agencies you should contact to change your address such as DEERS, the Department of Veterans Affairs, Social Security Administration, TRICARE and Medicare.  See Resources for more information.