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Retired and Annuitant Pay Tax Information

Military retirees and annuitants paid by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service can expect to receive their tax statements (1099-R) and end-of-year statements beginning mid-December on through their myPay account online. DFAS sends a combined mailing to those retirees who do not have access to myPay, and to those retirees who have requested a hard-copy of a Retired Account Statement or a 1099-R. All annuitants receive a combined mailing of both the Annuity Account Statement and the 1099-R.

If the statements are not received by mid-January, it is typically for one of two reasons:
          --  The most common reason is when retirees and annuitants move from one place of residence to another and do not contact DFAS to change their correspondence address. In these cases, the statements will be returned to DFAS to process as a change of address request.
          --  The other reason for non-receipt of the end-of-year statements for retirees is because the retiree has requested or already has a myPay personal identification number. DFAS considers accessing myPay as consent to receive ONLY an electronic 1099-R. The exception to this rule is if the retiree has requested that either the RAS or the 1099-R be mailed to them, in which case both forms will be mailed to the retiree's current correspondence address.

If either of these situations occurs, customers have several options to obtain their earning statements or their 1099-Rs. The quickest and simplest way is by accessing the myPay system. If the customer has a myPay PIN, they have the ability to access their pay account to change their current correspondence address and to view and print their current earning statements and their 1099-Rs. 

Another way a customer can request a 1099-R is through the Interactive Voice Response System. This service will provide the capability to speak with an automated agent daily around the clock, and will allow a customer to perform self-service on some of the more routine inquires even after normal duty hours. Customers can use their myPay PIN to "speak" requests for mailing address changes, bank address, and automated 1099-R requests.

For information on creating a myPay account, or to request a new PIN, click here.

Customers without a myPay account who did not receive their 1099-R and their RAS or AAS, must request copies by contacting DFAS Customer Service Center at (800) 321-1080 or in writing to:

Defense Finance and Accounting Service

U.S. Military Retirement Pay 
8899 E 56th St
Indianapolis IN 46249-1200

Defense Finance and Accounting Service
U.S. Military Annuitant Pay  
8899 E 56th St 
Indianapolis IN 46249-1300



If the request is in writing, retirees and annuitants must provide the customer's name, Social Security number, address, phone number, a brief description of what is being requested, and sign the request. Without this information, there could be a delay in processing the request.

For further assistance, call:

1099-Rs - Retired Air Force (including Reserves and Air National Guard)
(800) 321-1080 or (216) 522-5955 (DFAS-Cleveland, Retired/Annuitant contact Center)

1099-Rs - Retired Annuitants/Military Annuitants Only
(888) 767-6738 (Retired Civil Service Employee Help Line)

1099-Rs - Survivor Benefits Plan/RSFPP Annuitant
(800) 321-1080 or (216) 522-5955 (DFAS-Cleveland, Retired/Annuitant Contact Center) Retired and Annuitant Pay Tax Information and W-2s