Former Wild Weasels visit Shaw

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Kathryn R.C. Reaves
  • 20th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Approximately 60 veterans visited, June 22 to 25, to celebrate the 52nd Wild Weasel anniversary and reconnect with each other.

The Weasels’ history began in 1965 when they navigated modified F-100F Super Sabres over the skies of North Vietnam, seeking to destroy enemy surface-to-air missiles. This suppression of enemy air defenses mission continues today with the current members of the 20th Fighter Wing.

During their visit, the veterans attended briefings, visited static displays and spoke with Airmen about the capabilities of today’s aircraft. The visit also allowed attendees to learn about how the SEAD mission they once supported has changed.

“The (new) SEAD mission capabilities are incredible,” said retired Maj. Gen. Tom Lynn, former 17th Wild Weasel Squadron pilot. “I was impressed with these men and all they do. It’s all in good hands.”

Team Shaw Airmen also had an opportunity to gain from the visit.

“The new guys got to hear the experiences of the older guys and hear the history of where they came from,” said retired Lt. Col. Ray “Pappy” Parent, former 23rd Tactical Fighter Squadron pilot. “For us (older Weasels), it’s great to connect with today and the future.

Parent also said he was impressed with the professionalism of the younger Airmen and glad to see the esprit de corps has been carried on from the old days.

After learning about the more than 50 year transformation of the SEAD mission from its beginning in the jungles of Vietnam, the original Weasels departed having reconnected with the Wild Weasel mission and wingmen of old.