Free smoking cessation program for TRICARE beneficiaries

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The Freedom Quitline program online offers counseling focused on lifestyle design for TRICARE beneficiaries trying to quit smoking.

The Freedom Quitline is a National Institutes of Health-funded research study, co-sponsored by the 59th Medical Wing in San Antonio, and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

Lifestyle design is the "process of taking proactive steps to become the person you'd like to be," says the Freedom Quitline's Dr. Gerald Wayne Talcott.  Officials recognize that change is difficult.

The counselors at the Freedom Quitline are there to help participants stay focused on their goal of being tobacco free. When people quit smoking with the Freedom Quitline program, they will receive telephone counseling specially designed to help increase motivation to change behavior. Plus, people will receive free nicotine replacements sent to their home.

The Freedom Quitline counselors are available to help people stick with the change.

Call 1-844-I-AM-FREE (1-844-426-3733) or go online to learn more at  (Courtesy of TRICARE)