Hurricane Matthew affecting TRICARE beneficiaries in several areas

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FALLS CHURCH, Va. (AFRNS) -- As Hurricane Matthew moves north, several areas where TRICARE beneficiaries live are affected. All updates about blanket referral waivers and emergency prescription refills will be posted at, announced TRICARE officials.


As beneficiaries are evacuated, primary care manager referral requirements may be waived, and emergency prescription refill actions are in place.


TRICARE officials announced the following primary care referral waivers are issued at this time for beneficiaries in the following locations:


Cuba -- Waiver of referral requirements for beneficiaries enrolled in TRICARE Prime Overseas so they can get care in the U.S. or in another overseas area.


United States -- Waiver of referral requirements for beneficiaries enrolled in TRICARE Prime and TRICARE Prime Remote throughout Florida and within 100 miles from the coast for the following states:

• Georgia

• South Carolina

• North Carolina

• Virginia

• Maryland

• Delaware

• New Jersey

• Pennsylvania

• New York

• Massachusetts

• Connecticut

• Rhode Island

• New Hampshire

• Maine


Emergency prescription refill procedures are also in place. To get an emergency refill, beneficiaries are advised to take their prescription bottle to any TRICARE retail network pharmacy. To find a network pharmacy:

• Call Express Scripts at 1-877-363-1303

• Search the network pharmacy locator


Officials advise beneficiaries to visit the pharmacy where the prescription was filled, if possible, or:

• If beneficiaries use a retail chain, fill the prescription at another store in that chain.

• If the primary care provider is available, he or she may call in a new prescription to any network pharmacy.

• Beneficiaries can request assistance at another pharmacy, but it's at that pharmacy's discretion to help.  (Courtesy of TRICARE News)